AAKS Handbags

In a small tranquil village in the Northern region of Ghana, hamlets scattered over the Savannah as far as your eyes can see, a group of local artisan weavers sits under a huge baobab tree laughing away. On close inspection you see piles of colourful Raffia. In between the noise of chatter and laughter, you see women hard at work. Their hands move quickly and skilfully. Their innate knowledge stems from craftsmanship taught from generation to generation. This craft is the art of weaving. The skills and techniques are unique to this part of Ghana. This is where AAKS handbags are made.

AAKS is a contemporary handbag brand founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi. Akosua is of Ghanaian heritage. After achieving a BA in Fashion from Kingston University in London, Akosua relocated back to Ghana to launch AAKS. The handbag brand was founded with the goal of introducing the world to artisan weaving techniques done by the women of Ghana. In addition, the brand aims to create more jobs in Ghana.

The AAKS bags are characterised by bright, exuberant colours that combines modern design with ancestral tradition. The design philosophy consists of attention to detail, craftsmanship, authenticity and ethical values in the production process. Each collection item is unique, and tells a different story through the maker. The bags are woven incorporating the use of raffia and leather. The ecologically harvested Raffia comes from family farmers in Ghana. Every Raffia is utilised to its fullest. A sophisticated dyeing technique is formulated in house to offer exclusive seasonal colour. On an average it takes around one full week to complete an AAKS handbag. All bags are hand made in Ghana. Each bag bears the fingerprints of the person who fashioned it, making these bags unique.

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