Allëdjo Season Spring-Summer 2020 ALLËDJO Made in Senegal

Allëdjo is a menswear clothing brand founded by Kassim Lassissi in 2018. Allëdjo means traveller or nomad in the Yoruba language of West Africa, mainly spoken in Nigeria and Benin, where the founder originates from. Kassim Lassissi founded his menswear label to fuse fashion and travel – both a passion of his. Every collection he creates is influenced by a city, country, or about a culture he came across and was inspired by during his travels. His mission for the Allëdjo brand is to create an African menswear fashion that celebrates cultures around the world encompassed with African craftsmanship. This is reflected in the choice of prints, colours, materials and movement of the fabric.

Allëdjo – Made in Africa

The collections are made in Africa by artisans based in Senegal. Kassim Lassissi has a long-term vision of setting up a production facility on the African continent with strong ethical values. Each collection release is referred to as a ‘drop’ and happens twice a year with one destination in mind.

You can find printed, comfortable and casual shirts, pants and ensemble by Allëdjo. Perfect for the style-savvy wanderlust or if you are looking for a fashionable alternative to plain white shirts for men and women. Read more about Allëdjo in the JANET + GEORGE top 10 African fashion designers to watch 2020.