Kente Gentlemen is an Abidjan, Ivory Coast based menswear and womenswear brand, founded by Aristide Loua, Sydney Bagrou and Kunal Premnath in 2017. Kente Gentlemen is about the discovery of African fashion, African traditions, African aesthetics, African culture, African heritage and African identity. It’s about embracing one’s identity in an ever changing global space. The Kente Gentlemen name derives from the traditional cloth, Kente, which originates from the Ashanti kingdom of Ghana.

The style of the Kente Gentlemen brand is unique and handmade of fabrics sourced and made in Africa, paying an homage to the local ingenuity, heritage and craftsmanship. The brand remains true to its mission of supporting the local economy by working with local handweavers, tailors, artisans and vendors – displaying African fashion and African designer fashion to the world.   

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