Nio Far is a Dakar based clothing, shoes and accessories brand for men and women in Senegal. The brand was created by emerging African fashion designer, Milcos Badji.

Milcos Badji recently launched his own sneaker brand Nio Far by Milcos. The collection is called Nnema, which means comfort. The Nio Far sneakers are all handmade with traditional mud cloth. Mud cloth is a Malian textile made from hand woven cotton, dyed in multiple processes with leaves, branches, and river mud. As Africa is the continent of spirituality, every pattern in a fabric has its own unique story and meaning. The same applies to the patterns used in the Nio Far sneakers. Each symbol and shape in the mud cloth tell a story. Depending on the pattern, meaning can be given to social status, character, the history of the community, etc. In addition to the use of story telling patterns, Milcos Badji stitched African proverbs into the patterns.

The designer has recently expanded his range of collection with bags for men and women. Nio Far is a young African fashion brand that is taking the world by storm. The collection is vibrant, edgy and trendy. African designer fashion is taking the fashion world by storm.

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Nio Far by Milcos