Evergreen African Black Soap: Kaeme



Evergreen African Black Soap by Kaeme is a liquid black soap made in Ghana. It contains no preservatives, additives or dyes, and has not been tested on animals. It is pure as nature intended. The soap has been infused with coconut oil and citrus essential oil blends for a refreshing feel. African black soap has been used for centuries by the men and women of West Africa, especially in Ghana and Nigeria, to gently cleanse skin, and hair. It nourishes face, body and hair, and will leave a youthful glow on the skin. Black soap is also known as Alata Samina, Sabulun Salo, Ose Dudu, and Anago soap. It is made of secret recipes passed down from generation to generation. Each soap is unique. In general, the core ingredients used are native plants such as plantain skin, cocoa pods, Shea tree bark, or palm tree leaves. The Evergreen African black soap by Kaeme is packed with vitamin A, C, D and E. It is also rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. Black soap has a number of uses, including removing makeup, treating acne, healing rough and dry skin, fighting the effects of ageing and sun damage, and hair breakage. Using black soap as a part of your daily beauty regimen will do wonders to skin and hair. For best result, follow-up with the Evergreen Shea Butter after each wash. Try it and let us know about your experience @janetandgeorge.

Ingredients: 100% unrefined African black soap, coconut oil, citrus essential oil blends
Weight: 453g