Sylvia Owori Made in Uganda

Sylvia Owori is the namesake Womenswear and menswear brand of Sylvia Owori, an energetic Ugandan fashion designer and business woman. The second born of a family of seven, she always knew that she wanted to become a fashion designer. Sylvia Owori attended Newman College in London, and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design. After obtaining her degree, she moved back to her native Uganda and opened her first boutique, becoming a fashion icon in Uganda and beyond. When one talks of fashion in Uganda, her name pops up first. She has been in the local fashion industry for over a decade, and inspires a majority of the upcoming designers from Uganda.

Sylvia Owori’s designs are all about fabric designs from East Africa, and the rest of the continent. Her collections represent Uganda, and the rich cotton that is grown from their fertile soils. Not only does she creates stunning collections, but is also keen on developmental projects. In 2011, she was named ambassador for Alicia Keys’ charity ‘Keep a Child Alive’.

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Sylvia Owori