Accra Reversible Face Mask Cover FACE MASK Enjoy the warmth of vibrant colours with our fashion face masks .
Stay safe. But make it fashion.
Springbok Tote Bag by Akinko one-of-a-kind bag selection
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Our iconic t-shirts by Free the Youth are handmade by the youth of Ghana. They enjoy the underground music scene and arts, and play-on-words related to social injustice.  Made of cotton jersey and extremely comfortable. Tees for men and women. It will leave you feeling empowered.

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Imagine Cleopatra of ancient Egypt looking down on us for all the beauty products we use today to stay young and beautiful. In her time a beautiful, silky soft, and glowing skin was achieved by simply using the abundant natural products around her. The African skin care holds the secret to the fountain of youth. African black soap, Shea butter and a skin exfoliating net is all you need. Discover what these are.



Daytime dressing – effortless chic additions to your closet


Dapper Casual – carefree, cool essentials to stay dapper in the heat – t-shirts and chinos fit for a sun-drenched holiday, a bae-cation or even a stay-cation

African Fashion Designers

African fashion designers, both emerging and established, have proved to the world the potential of African creativity in African fashion design. Aside from using the traditional African print fabrics to create designs, African designers are also incorporating fabrics from across the globe to come up with captivating designs. Explore JANET + GEORGE’S top 10 African fashion designers to watch in 2020.

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JANET + GEORGE is the online platform to Shop African fashion, beauty and home decor products from African designers and artisans from the continent and the diaspora. We sell high quality curated dresses, clothing, shoes, accessories, Shea butters, African black soaps, oils, stools, chairs and more from African brands that we love.

Founded in 2016 by Linda Nuamah, JANET + GEORGE is home to emerging designers and artisans from Africa and the diaspora waiting to be discovered by you. We work with independent African designers and artisans who have been carefully selected.

Our mission is to enable the world to experience, African fashion, beauty and home decor products made and sourced in Africa. We work hard to promote and showcase their best curated products to a global and conscious community looking for ethical and environmentally friendly products. Read more about us and and discover our Designers and Brands.

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